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An Underrated Gold Mine for Social Proof – Facebook Reviews: Why it’s Worth it

Over the last few years, Facebook has established review pages for local business. Slowly but surely, the Facebook online review system has gained more credibility, with more than 68% of consumers using social networking sites to read online reviews. Frankly, Facebook reviews have a number of benefits that most local businesses are missing out on.

1.  Facebook’s Local Search Feature

That’s right–Facebook actually has a local search feature! It’s not quite as expansive or impressive as Yelp or Google, but considering that it’s only been available for a year, it’s certainly worth looking into.

Facebook Professional Services helps Facebook users find top local business, with search results that end up being determined by rating scores and reviews. Clever local business owners can learn to use Facebook’s local search feature to turn those reviews into a tool that promotes organic reach.

With a solid enough reputation, Professional Services can end up being a massively valuable social advertising strategy. And the best part? You won’t pay a dime.

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2. Facebook’s Reviews are Growing 4x Faster than Other Sites

Yes, you read that right. After keeping track of the trends across a variety of top review sites (including Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor and Foursquare),  Facebook outperformed all of them.

Some people might argue that this was just a reaction to the fact Facebook reviews were suddenly on the market. The argument is that it’s the same reason that an opening weekend for a movie is when it sells the most.

And yet, that’s not what the data shows. The data analyzes a 6-month period of growth (much longer than any ‘flash in the pan’ growth should last) and still found Facebook managed to outpace every other competitor. Why? Well one of the reasons might be that…

3. Facebook’s Negative Reviews Can’t be Hidden

At least, not by local business owners. Sure, the person who posted the review always has the chance to edit or delete their review, but as a local business owner, you don’t have the option to pick and choose which reviews are seen.

This might cause a bit of anxiety for some local business owners out there. While it might be a scary proposition at first, try to look at it from a potential customer’s perspective. Being able to see the occasional ‘customer experience gone wrong’ isn’t what defines a business. What matters is how the local business chooses to handle it. If they ignore complaint after complaint, that’s cause for alarm.

But, if the local business takes every negative review seriously, apologizes for the inconvenience and tries to find a way to remedy the situation…well, that’s all you can hope for when you engage with a reputable business.

The Facebook review has all the makings of the next major online review site for the 21st century shopper. And the best of all? Most local businesses haven’t caught on yet.

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