Manage Your Online Reputation: What Happens When The Wrong People Manage Customer Service

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What Lessons We Can Learn From Comcast’s Horrible Customer Service?

Simple: Outstanding Customer Service Is Critical To Effectively Manage Your Online Reputation

Do you hate your customers? Well Comcast does. At least, that’s the online reputation they have allowed to grow online. When it comes to managing their online reputation, it seems like no one’s behind the wheel.  I can’t believe Comcast’s review strategy is intentional.  I just don’t think they care. They are in fact one of the largest cable providers in the county, so they can just let their reviews happen. But if you don’t actively manage your online reputation, you will pay the price.

Comcast has  4,010+ one star reviews on Consumer Affairs and over 3,500 complaints on Pissed Consumer. They’ve been listed or mentioned as the worst company in America 21 times.

Just how bad is it? Take a look:

A customer service rep at Comcast actually changed the name on a customers bill to Assh*le Brown after he terminated his cable TV service:

horrible online reputation managment
What NOT to do to your customers when it comes to managing your online reputation


Comcast ignored Brown until the press got involved. Then, they were apologetic, offering a refund and two years of free service. But at this point, don’t you think the damage has been done? Do you think Comcast learned their lesson? Apparently not. One female customers name was changed to Super B*tch. Other customers were called names like whore and dummy.

No wonder customers believed Comcast hated them. What’s worse, David Cohen, a Comcast VP (at the time of this article), admitted company officials were “deeply disappointed in their customer service“. Later Comcast stated thatit may take a few years before we can honestly say that a great customer experience is something we’re known for.

Ouch. Did you catch the problem?


Comcast’s Negative Reviews Show A Massive Disconnect.

From the executive to individual departments (including customer service) – they’re all disconnected from the customer. Which is where things get dicey. You see, this is where most companies (business owners) make their mistakes. They fail to realize that when it comes to managing their online reputation, it is in fact a team effort. Everyone from finance, to accounting, to sales, and yep, right down to your customer service department has to be committed to developing a positive online reputation. Bottom line: if you don’t manage your online reputation it will manage itself… with often disastrous consequences.

So why is Comcast still in business? Simple, they have a monopoly and very deep pockets. So they can afford to piss off their customers. You Can’t.

So Why Bother To Manage Your Online Reputation?

Well, it’s all about the money really. A small investment on your part could reap huge benefits. For example:

In short, online reputation’s are the modern day version of word of mouth advertising. By focusing resources on developing and protecting a positive online reputation you will see a corresponding rise in sales and revenue. In fact, the Harvard School of Business showed a direct correlation between the aggregate rating of overall review score to revenue.

By combining restaurant ratings from the user review website with data from the Washington State Department of Revenue, Luca discovered that a one-star rating increase on Yelp leads to a  five to nine percent increase in revenue, regardless of the actual quality of the restaurant itself.

Did you catch that? It is mind blowing. Regardless of the actual quality of the restaurant itself, increasing their overall score increased their revenue.

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