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Reputation Repair Pros Was Born Out Of Necessity

When People Attacked My Dad's Business, It Became Personal

Hello, my name is Rene, (but most people just call me "Chief") and I am the managing director of Relate Media, LLC. So you're probably wondering: if I'm the managing director at Relate Media, what does that have to do with Reputation Repair Pros. Well, if you give me a minute of your time I'll tell you. You see, it all started with my Dad.

This Is A True Story

My dad has been a handyman and remodeler down in Florida for decades. For years his company did no advertising and lived off of word of mouth referrals. He also got a lot of business from his local area church that he went to. Well, as you heard me say a thousand times, it wasn't a matter of if, just a matter of when. And sure enough, the time came where he took on a client from church who was impossible to please. Despite all of my Dads best efforts to rectify the situation, there was no way of making her happy. She demanded a full refund. As my father tried to explain, the materials have been ordered and the work has been done. I can't "un-remodel" your home and take everything back. Just tell me what you don't like and I'll fix it. She would never tell him what was wrong or what to fix. She simply demanded a full refund.

This went on for months

The last straw came when this one disgruntled client started bad mouthing my dad at church. The gossip got so bad that my dad left the church. It broke his heart, because my Dad lives alone and that was his second family. Leaving that church was one of the hardest decisions my Dad ever had to make. Needless to say, the steady stream of business he used to get from his church dried up quicker than a rain puddle in the Sahara desert.

But to make matters worse, this same lady then went online to every review site she could find. She blasted my Dad and his business like there was no tomorrow. She had no regard for my Dad, his well being, or his ability to earn a living. She destroyed him.

But It Gets Worse

As you can imagine, this pissed me off like no tomorrow. Sure, I owned and operated an internet website development and marketing firm. But this was so far out of our scope of expertise, even I didn't know what to do.  But here is where the situation went from bad to worse. You see, my Dad was desperate to save the company he had worked over 30 years to create. He wanted to have a legacy he could hand down to me and my younger brother. So he started calling these so called "online reputation repair" firms.

God, they promised him the world... and they took his money. Months would go by with nothing. So Dad would get frustrated and call a different company. Each company promising to fix everything. In his desperation, he would pay. And still nothing.

Finally, after the resources were gone, my dad, after 30 plus years, had to shut down his company. My Dad now has to drive Uber and Lyft, just to make ends meet. He is well into his 60's and should be enjoying his retirement.  How is this fair.

The Decision That Changed Everything

Well, I'm not one to just let bygones be bygones. I was pissed and determined to do something about it. So I started researching and learning everything I possibly could about online reputation management (ORM). I quickly realized that most of the companies out there were hacks. Online reputation management is to big and to complex. So I decided to assemble a team of like minded individuals who were experts in their given field. Then I researched law firms that specialized in this kind of thing and worked with a third-party service provided to make sure we could deliver legal services when required.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is to much for Relate Media. We had to much going on. So after careful consideration, Reputation Repair Pros was born. We knew, with out a doubt and with unwavering certainty, that the only way to effectively manage online reputations was to have a company that specialized in ORM and nothing else. Reputation Repair Pros only does one thing and one thing only. It fixes reputations and markets the hell out of them.

At Reputation Repair Pros Our Systems & Processes Work

We pulled patents, researched algorithms, and spend over 7 years researching how online review sites work. Then we spent a few more years painstakingly researching and perfecting only "white-hat" means of fixing and repairing reputations. When we were ready, we launched Reputation Repair Pros. We started slow at first. It's one thing to research and practice. It's another thing entirely to be entrusted with a companies reputation and future.

But we are happy to say, that no one can do what we can do. We are the experts. We are the professionals. No one works harder, does more, or does it better than we do. Why? Because at Reputation Repair Pros... it's personal. 

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