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Don't Let Anger or Frustration Force You Into A Bad Decision.

Reputation Repair – The Most Asked About, Talked About, Misunderstood And Overpriced Segment of Getting Your Reputation Back On Track.

When your reputation has been attacked and damaged, it's only natural to be angry and frustrated. Especially when the negative comments are untrue. Nothing hurts more than fake negative review. But don't let your emotions get the better of you. Many business owners, in a rush to repair their reputation reach out and hire the first company that promise them to fix their reputation. Especially when that company promises to do it fast. Don't be fooled. Get the facts about reputation repair before you make any decision… or spend a penny.

Here is the God's honest truth. Many online reputation repair companies will prey on your fears and your emotions to get you to sign a contract. They will promise you the world and tell you everything you want to hear. They will do anything to get you to sign the contract and put up a whole ton of money up front. Don't do it… PERIOD.

When it comes to reputation repair understand this one point: it will not happen fast.

Repairing your reputation is going to take time. That is why it is so critical to have an active online reputation management program in place. This allows you to build a "bullet proof" reputation that can take the hit of a negative review or two.

But unfortunately, many business owners don't make the effort to establish a reputation management and marketing program. As such, they are ill prepared to deal with negative reviews when the happen. And trust us… a negative review is going to happen. With over 20 years in the industry, we can tell you emphatically, it is not a matter of if… it's just a matter of when. No matter how hard you try there will also be that one customer or one employee that you can never make happy.

Look At Your Reputation Score Like You Would A High School GPA

Because most business owners are ill prepared to take the hit of a negative review, it will take time to overcome the negative. Look at it like you would like your high school grade point average. Let’s say you are in Algebra. It's the start of the year and you have absolutely no points on the books. (ie. No reviews).

Now the first test you take results in a D. How many more tests do you have to take (and how high do you need to score) to get that grade point average up to an A or B?

It would work something like this: An F grade is worth 0 points, D is worth 1 point, C is worth 2, B is worth 3 and an A is worth 4 points. Do you see the correlation between this and the 4 and 5 star ranking system(s)?

So you got a D. That means you only have 1 point. If on your next test you get an A, you would have a total of 5 points. Divide that by the 2 grades received and your overall score is only 2.5. Get another A and your overall score only goes up to 3.0. See how difficult it is to raise your score once the damage has been done?

But what if you took the first few tests and scored all A's and B's. Then later on you get a D. Can you see how much better prepared you are and how you can more easily (and rapidly) overcome the bad grade. Do you see the value in setting up a comprehensive and effective online reputation management program?

If you can't see the value, then we need to take it step further. Why? Because in our research, it appears as if these online review sites but a heavier weight on negative reviews. In short, the scoring system is skewed to the negative. This makes it that much harder to repair and rebuild. Again, can you see why you need an active online reputation management program?

Here is some more fact you need to know about repairing your reputation:

FACT # 1: Reputation Repair Is NOT About Removing Negative Reviews

Believe it or not, trying to remove a negative review can actually do more harm than good. In recent ground breaking studies, it has been conclusively proven that negative reviews can actually help lend validity and authenticity to your online reputation. So spending time and money on trying to remove that negative review, might very well be a complete waste of your time and money.

FACT #2: Reputation Repair is NOT About "Burying" Negative Reviews

The very same reasons you don't want to remove a negative review are the same reasons why you don't want to burry a review. You are much better off with a "sandwich" approach.

Furthermore, if the negative review is on a complaints board or other type review site and is the only review posted, it might just be a better approach to leave it alone. Here's why. Google and other Search Engines use the "activity" of a site to determine is ranking on the SERP (search engine results page). So if you hire a reputation management company that is actively engaged on a site trying to bury a negative review… it could very well drive that review site up in the rankings; bringing more attention to the very thing you are trying to bury.

FACT #3: Reputation Repair is NOT About "Burying" Review Sites Off The First Page Of Google

This is probably the one myth about reputation repair that bothers me the most. Far too many online reputation management firms promise to "bury" those nasty negative review sites down to the 2nd or 3rd page of the SERP (search engine results page.) But this defies logic and here is why.

In short, it has everything to do with what is referred to as an "authority site."

There is simply no way a reputation management firm can create enough websites with sufficient enough "authority" to bury more established authority websites like or, just to name a few.

Just think about this for a minute. How in the world is any company going to bury Yelp off of the first page of Google? Also, your customers are not stupid. They can recognize a "fake review" site.

You also have to realize that your customers can easily overcome the "bury the site" tactic by simply using a different "specific" search term that will bring up all the websites where people are logging complaints right to the first page of the search results. Thereby bypassing and defeating the very service you are paying an arm and a leg for.

Bottom Line: Don’t trust anyone else with your online reputation. Call the pro's – the Reputation Repair Pros. No one works harder, does more, or does it better than we do.

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