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Unlike Other Online Reputation Management Companies Who Want To Charge For Reputation "Check Ins"

We Believe You Should Be Able To Check Your Reputation At Any Time...FOR FREE.

Believe it or not, but many online reputation management companies want to charge you a fee to check your online reputation. One leading service provider calls these "check ins." In fact, according to multiple sources, these reputation management service companies set a limit on your monitoring and the number of times you can check it. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Shouldn't you have the option - the right - to check your online reputation as many times as you need to? Shouldn't this be part of the services you are paying for? Shouldn't you be able to check your online reputation for free? Or maybe they limit the number of times you can check your reputation because they are trying to hide something? Like how bad their performance is? We're just asking the question.

For example, one company sets their pricing structure up like this:

The basic package is about $1000 and it allows you to monitor or "check" your reputation 4x per year. That's $250 every time you check your reputation. The exact same type monitoring for 12x per year (or once per month) is $5000. In short, the more times you want to have your reputation monitored or "checked," the more expensive it gets. Are you kidding me? If that isn't highway robbery I don't know what is.

Look, at Reputation Repair Pros we feel that you deserve more. And we won't charge you for something you should be getting for free.

First of all, if you are paying for online reputation management services shouldn't repair monitoring come with the package? Otherwise what's the point? Think about it this way. You pay an alarm company to install an alarm. Great! But then you have to pay for the monitoring? Shouldn't that have come with the alarm? That is why most alarm companies give you the alarm system for free and simply charge a small fee for the monitoring service.

That is why we offer 24/7 reputation monitoring with 24/7 email alerts when someone posts a review of your company. It's part of your package.

Two, anytime you want to "check-in" and get a report on your reputation you can... again, without a fee. In fact, we will automatically set you up with a free report on your online reputation as often as you want depending on the package you choose.

After all, shouldn't you able to check your reputation as many times as you want... without a fee.

Third, we dare you to put us to the test. Just use this simple form below and we will generate an instant report for you. This report will show you all the data on your reputation. FOR FREE. And you are more than welcome to book mark this page and use this form as many times as you like.

Or, you can simply sign up for our services, we will do it for you, along with an internet "deep scan" of your company.


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