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When It Comes To Choosing An Online Reputation Management Company

We're Going To Give You 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire Reputation Repair Pro's

Despite what you may have heard, online reputation management (and repair) isn't easy. The truth is the reputation and social media industry is changing so fast and is so complex, you simply can't do it on your own. In fact, if you try to manage your online reputation on your own, you could very well violate a review sites terms of service. Violate the terms of service and you get black listed as a cheater. Don't believe us? Well, in an article by the New York times, Yelp reported they had blacklisted eight different companies. So we don't recommend you try managing your reputation on your own. But more importantly, make sure the company you hire plays by the rules... and can deliver the results you need.

Why Reputation Repair Pros Is The Only Logical Choice.

Most business owners know they need to hire someone to administer and manage their online reputation. They just don't know who to trust. And no wonder. There are far to many "black hat" operators out there. In fact, Yelp has sued several online reputation management firms for their shady operations.

Worse yet, many businesses have been blacklisted by Yelp for participating in those "black-hat" activities. That is why the team here at Reputation Repair Pros only uses "white-hat" activities to repair, manage, and market your reputation. Your reputation is far to valuable to risk on these less than reputable "black-hat" techniques.

Unlike other reputation management firms, Reputation Repair Pros:

  • does not require a huge up-front deposit
  • guarantees you four and five star rated reviews
  • provides you with reports so you can actually see what we are doing and the results
  • provides easy month-to-month billing
  • You can cancel at any time and there are no long term contracts
    But if you need more convincing, then consider:

    Technology Alone is Insufficient

    There are the legit online reputation management firms... but the problem is many of them only rely on gimmicky software. Case in point: we had a a business owner contact us wanting to know why his current reputation management service provider was not tracking or publishing all of his new reviews on Yelp. Well, when you consider what he was paying this company for their services, it's easy to understand why he was so upset.

    So we did some research and a little digging. What we found wasn't good. We don't want to bore you with too many technical details, but the fact is that Yelp is constantly changing their API (application program interface) specifically to defeat these reputation "software" companies. Here is a quote right from the software company:

    "Our monitoring of Yelp reviews by our software is limited to what Yelp provides via their public API. Yelp seems to be increasingly limiting the data that solutions like ours can draw from their API so that they can charge for this data. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all or any particular Yelp reviews will be automatically pulled into our system."

    Google is no better. Check out the response we got from Google tech support over a clients complaint of his five-star rating not showing up in search results:

    "Remember that Google does not automatically award rich snippets to all sites that use schema markup--Google has it's own internal and 'ever-changing criteria' for deciding if and when to show this feature."

    This is why you need a real team of people managing your reputation.

    Reputation Monitoring Software Is Just A Tool

    But monitoring software is akin to credit monitoring. It just alerts you to when there is a problem... but does nothing to fix it. That's why we love this "Life-Lock" commercial. Just replace security monitoring with repair monitoring and you'll understand exactly what we are trying to say.

    The point we are trying to make is this whole "on-line reputation management" thing is complicated, ever changing, and needs more than just some fancy software. If you don't have a real team of professionals looking out for your best interest, the best you can hope for is lack-luster results that you pay way to much money for.

    So here are five more reasons why you should hire us, the Reputation Repair Professionals:

     Real People. We are real people not just some company selling (or re-selling) gimmicky software. We have a trained team of reputation professionals and lawyers standing by to help you. Want to know more just click here.
     Real Solutions. We're offering real solutions... not vague promises. We say what we do and we do what we say. Shouldn't you know exactly what you are paying for? Want to know more just click here.
     Easy month-to-month Billing - so you can cancel at anytime. No long term contracts, no ridiculous up front fees. Just honest, affordable pricing. Want to know more just click here.
     Proven Result. We have real case studies that you can read. See for yourself what we can do. Even better? These are real clients (who love us) that you can actually call and talk to. Want to know more just click here.
     We're The Best. If you are going to hire an online reputation management company... shouldn't they have a better reputation than you do? Want to know more just click here.

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