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When it Comes To A Reputation Management Company… Who Are You Going To Trust?

A Company Offering Vague Promises Or A Company Offering Real Solutions?

When you are looking at hiring an online reputation management company, shouldn't they at least have a better reputation than yours? I mean, after all, if they were so good at managing an online reputation, you would think that their online reputation would be outstanding…right?

Why then do so many online reputation management companies have such crappy reputations?

Just take a look at the latest internet search we did on just one of the major players in the industry:

reputation management company review

reputation management company review

Just look at the first review on the above web page. "Reputation Defender- Promise but Can't Deliver." Does that come as any surprise given that they have a 1.3 star reputation? You can click on the image to go to the Pissed Consumer website and read it for yourself. In short, Reputation Defender takes a crap load of money up front while making vague promises of driving negative reviews off the first page of Google search.

But that process methodology does not address the root problem, nor - in our experience - does it ever work. The comments in the complaonts prove it.

In fact, we wrote an entire white paper (report) on why "brute force" attacks on a negative reputation NEVER work. You can read all about it here.

So how is Reputation Repair Pro's different?

Well, in short: we say what we do and we do what we say.

Meaning, we actually call you and have a conference call on the exact steps we are going to take to resolve your issues. We look at your reputation in its entirety. We do a deep scan of the web to find all these hidden pages you probably don't even know exist. Like Rippoffreport. com and and then together we come up with a plan. Why?

Because you need to be part of the process. You need to know EXACTLY what we are going to do and be comfortable with it. You have to authorize the actions. It never ceases to amaze me how many company takes an extraordinary amount of money up front and then leave you in the dark praying that what they will do will work.

Now the reason we won't go into detail right now as to what we do is because we don't want to give away our trade secrets and because each case must be handled individually. What works for one client may or may not work for another. That is also another single point of failure faced by many other reputation management companies. They try to have a one fix solution for everybody. And that also, NEVER works. You need a tailor-made plan of action designed specifically around your needs… PERIOD.

And what's with telling clients it's going to take over a year to see results? Now don't get me wrong, repairing your reputation (depending on the severity of the damage) is going to take time. But it is not going to take a year. In fact, with Reputation Repair Pro's you will start to see almost immediate improvements. Usually with in the first two weeks… and certainly with in the first month. And that's the point. You should see continual improvement because repairing your online reputation is a process… not an instant fix.

In fact, we are so confident in our tested, proven, white-hat process that we give you the option of opting for a monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly progress report. You read that right. You pick the time frame and we will send you a progress report showing you everywhere we are making improvements and what your overall average online reputation is. That way, you know EXACTLY what you are paying for and can actually see – on paper – a reputation that is constantly improving.

So what's it going to be? An online reputation management company that makes vague references to building websites and driving your negative reputation of the first page of search results (that NEVER works) or a company that tells you exactly what they are going to do, then does exactly what they said they would do and gives you a progress report to prove it?

Bottom Line: Reputation Repair Pro's is the most efficient, effective and affordable reputation management company on the market today… PERIOD. Choose Wisely.

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