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When it Comes To Your Online Reputation… Do You Really Want To Trust Gimmicky Software?

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Or Would You Prefer To Trust Real People You Can Actually Talk To?


Look, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but most online reputation management companies are actually just software re-sellers. It works something like this. You have software company A, that sells their online reputation management software – at wholesale – to company B.

Company B then turns around and sells you this software at retail.  Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with selling you a nifty piece of software. But software, in and of itself, is only a tool. And a tool, is only as good as the person who is using it.

Let's examine that for a minute.

You pay to sign up for a online reputation management service. They get you enrolled and hook you up with their software. Everything is going great.  But then you get a notice that someone just left a negative review. Trust us,It's going to happen. Getting a negative online review is not a matter of if, it's just a matter of when.

So, you get the negative online review. And just as promised, the software works and notifies you that you just got a negative review. But now what? How do you handle this negative review?

Do you respond directly to the charges, or do you just leave it alone and let a sleeping dog lie?  Do you attempt to rectify the situation with the client and then ask them to amend their review? Or do you attempt to have the review site remove the negative review. What do you do?

This is where Reputation Repair Professionals is different. We have an entire team of reputation experts standing by to help. This team of professionals is dedicated to helping you repair, manage, and market your online reputation. And you can pick up the phone and call (an English-speaking US based case manager) that will help walk you through the entire process. Or even better… we call you.

Case in point.

Assume the above situation just happened to you. You are staring at the website and reading the negative review over and over again. You are angry and upset. What do you do? Well, with Reputation Repair Pros you simply make a phone call.

Our answer to you will be… let’s take a look.

You see, when it comes to your reputation, you need a professional (who is not emotionally charged up) to examine the situation and your reputation in its entirety. Because, believe it or not, sometimes a negative review is actually beneficial.

That's right, a negative online review – in certain situations – can actually help you.

In fact, in a ground breaking study from Reevoo, researchers discovered that 68 percent of consumers trusted Yelp reviews more when there were bad reviews mixed in with the good. If there were only good reviews, with no bad comments at all, 30 percent of these consumers suspected that there was some kind of editing, manipulation, or censorship going on.

But more importantly, shoppers who go out of their way to read bad reviews convert 67% more than the average consumer.

So maybe, the best course of action is to do nothing at all.

But more importantly, there is actually a ton of information you can gather from negative reviews that can help you improve your business. Your clients will tell you, pretty bluntly, what your issues are and what they are looking for.

Point of fact: when you know what your client wants, when you know exactly what they are looking for, and are able to relate to them on a personal level, you can deliver a product or service that dominates the competition and propels your company (and your profits) to the stratosphere.

But, we repeat ourselves, you need a professional reputation management company, with a real person you can talk to, to help guide you through this crazy world of online reputations. But more importantly, you need a reputation management company that is affordable. And that’s why you should choose Reputation Repair Pro's. No one does more, does it better, or does it for less.

Bottom Line: Reputation Repair Pro's is the most efficient, effective and affordable reputation management company on the market today… PERIOD. Choose Wisely.

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